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We offer high safe and high quality artificial carpet grass for your garden balconyoffice rooftop and patio. The grasses which require the most water are Bermuda Bent Paspalum Rye St.

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It produces unsightly weeds that resemble crabgrass and the lawn can appear coarse and unmown.

Carpet Grass Types. It is used for pasturage and grazing fodder for cattle in. Axonopus is a genus of plants in the grass family known generally as carpet grass. Axonopus fisifolius is sometimes called Louisianagrass or common carpet grass.

It sprouts fast so there is no time wasted in waiting. 100 SYNTHETIC WITH UV STABILISER GRASS CARPET Tufted Cut Pile SizesRoll. Carpet grass Axonopus fissifolius mat-forming perennial grass of the family Poaceae native to sandy soils in southeastern North America.

Fukai uses Imperial Grass quality artificial grass that is specialized for use in garden landscaping. Augustine Zoysia and Carpet grass. For places that experience cooler weather this is the most suitable type of Carpet Grass.

Our natural green luxury flooring is fine soft and soothing to look at. Axonopus compressus is the most popular type of carpet grass according to the University of Hawaii. Selected by Lawn Solutions Australia as the very best performing carpet grass variety it is best suited to the North Queensland and Northern Territory regions.

Visit the website to learn more. In a nutshell here are our grass carpets differentiated and explained. Bent Bermuda Dichondra Fine Fescue Kentucky Bluegrass Ryegrass St.

Carpetgrass gets its name from the carpet-like mats the grass forms on a lawn were established. Successfully growing carpet and grass plants isnt so different from managing other types of plants. This grass species loves water and will form a dense sod.

At base they have the same kinds of needs such as anchoring points and types food and basic water chemistry needs. Carpet grass is used where there are patchy areas of a lawn which is dead or have slow growth. This is the type of Carpet Grass most often found in the southern US especially areas that get or stay wet.

AugustineFloratam Tall Fescue Zoysia Centipede BluegrassRyeFescue. Carpet for this type of use are mainly the common P-pet or our Venus carpet Salsa and Elegance carpet and other types of carpet or flooring the exhibitors or events owner would like to have. Compressus is often used to stop erosion and its ability to grow quickly even in shady areas makes it a popular choice for planting under shade or fruit trees.

Artificial grass carpet – these are mainly for creating a green area at our private place such as our balcony roof terraces and garden or field where the natural green cannot grow. Japanese carpet grass is the most expensive of the 4 types in the range of RM 10 per sq ft. It is whether you prefer to mow regularly or weed regularly and whether you are eco conscious and prefer grass that dont need much water to thrive.

The two types of carpetgrass are broadleaf carpetgrass Axonopus compressus and narrowleaf carpetgrass A. Native to sandy soils in Mexico and South America A. What type of grass is used on golf courses.

2m x 25m Colours. The blades of this variety interweave tightly causing a dense mat that makes it difficult for pests and weeds to cause harm. One of the most common types of grass found on golf courses is Bent grass which despite its high water requirements is.

In conclusion whatever type of grass you choose there will be maintenance required. Carpetgrass seed stalks have the ability to rapidly grow to a height of about a foot and bear unattractive seed heads that give the lawn a weedy appearance which can be tough to mow down. Ideal for Swimming Pool Borders Landscape decoration Exhibitions Displays Outdoor uses Nautical uses.

With the artificial grass uniform bright green colouration softness to the touch and natural V-shape that mimics the growth of normal grass Imperial Grass has all the winning visual attributes of the real grass minus the daily upkeep needed. Scroll through these types of lawns to find yours. People plant it in shady areas where they want the grass to grow like under trees.

Australias best performing carpet grass. They are sometimes rhizomatous and many are tolerant of periodic submersion. Show me all available colours Usage.

While carpet grass grows like crabgrass it fills in the spaces necessary to make a green lawn. Our lush green meadow carpet has more friction compared to the luxury grass. They are native primarily to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas with one species in tropical Africa and another on Easter Island.

This type of carpet looks the most natural. Narrowleaf carpetgrass is the type most often used in lawns and the seeds are readily available. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Introduction to Growing Aquarium Carpet and Grass Plants. Carpet grass requires more water than any other type of grass. Tropical Carpet Grass is a warm season perennial species that spreads via low growing stolons.

Carpet grass is occasionally used as a lawn and pasture grass in warm areas but its use generally indicates declining soil fertility because it is a low-quality forage.

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