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Personally near 30 I would opt to just take a kifaru shelter and stove that I own one of the 4 since at 30f no bugs to mess with plus its heated plus by that point with all the insulation etc of the hammock the kifaru weighs less. I have an Eno Single Nest hammock that Ive been using frequently in the backyard for about 3 or 4 years now.

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Enos Fuse system allows you to hang two hammocks from a single set of anchor points by use of spreader bars.

Eno Hammock Forums. Fri Jan 01 2021 540 pm Advertisements. Page 1 of 1 Original Post. So many lakes so little time WWJD.

I would put my gear on the ground below me at night then when I woke up in the day put the gear up on my hammock totally sealed off with the rainfly above. Packs grapefruit sized hammock alone and is lightweight so it would be good for backpacking as well if I ever get back out there. ENO brings us into the next era with this taffeta-construction camping hammock complete with a little bag for packing it up and moving along.

Speaking of which when it is packed youre only looking at an extra nineteen ounces of carrying weight on your backpack. In my case I have an ENO DoubleNest and it works fine for me. I like the extra fabric on the sides keeps it dark so you can sleep in.

Brian morin May 8 2017 Simi Valley CA Joined May 2015 Points. Cheaper alternative to 70 ENO Sub7 Hammock. The hammock costs between 50-150 and good tarp can cost about 100.

Just dont use it anymore Text Local8546895 Price. A properly hung ENO Doublenest can be every bit as comfortable as a hennessey hammock. Shortly after purchasing an ENO hammock strictly for lounging I figured it wouldnt be a bad idea to try to ditch the tent deal and go full hammock.

It suits my needs quite well but I cannot provide any comparison to any other brands. A really good down winter bag costs around 400. You lay on the diagonal the same way you do in a HH and get just as flat.

I have an ENO double nest got it in an attempt to share with the fiance big mistake no way 2 people can share a hammock. We have move the Clark Jungle Hammock forum into a sub forum under the Dutchware forums. A good tent is about 300-400.

ENO revolutionized hammocking and sparked the hammock counter culture by creating the best hammocks lifestyle gear and first ever hammock straps. Good point however an ENO hammock measures approx 94 full length and the Roadie requires a minimum wheelbase of 710 to use. With the flared out support posts youll have the 94 or better with the minimum wheelbase.

ENO hammock good. ENO lightweight hammock Raleigh 50 JLA FORUMS Classifieds FOR SALE – North Carolina FOR SALE – Raleigh – Durham NC 2 Mon Jan 25 2021 539 pm. So either way the basics come out to about 750.

The lowest I have heard a hammock being used is -26F by shug on hammock forums. I have slept over 35 nights in my ENO hammock. Problem is the ENO hammock wraps me up like a burrito and makes it quite difficult to sleepbreathe with the fabric mummifying my whole body.

Tyro as far as the carabiners you can take a good 4oz off it by replacing them. 10 The ENO Sub7 is a great hammock but 70 seems crazy for a few ounces of cheap. Email Notify on site Post Reply.

I have been using it solo since then and have been quite happy with it. Hammock Forums is a Family-Friendly Site – No Profanity No Flaming Hammock Forums is a family friendly site. FOR SALE – Anchorage AK – ENO hammock good condition no holes.

Never have had issues with tearing a hole but I really try to be careful because out in the woods it is your only sleep system. JLA FORUMS Classifieds FOR SALE – ALL OTHER AREAS FOR SALE – Anchorage AK. My wife and I frequently hold hammock happy hours wherein well set up two of my hammocks side by side and enjoy lounging with a few drinks around sunset in a park near our home.

Theres also nothing keeping you from using a sleeping pad in an ENO and in fact its easier since you dont have to screw around with the bottom entry this is the main reason Hennessey recently released the side zip option. This means that our topics language and treatment of each other are what youd want your kids to see. I spent 10 days in Oregon last spring and over half the time it was raining.

A decent underquilt and top quilt can be had for about 500. Ive upgraded to a whoopee sling suspension added a bug net and picked up a summer weight underquilt. Latest Posts in all Forums.

Get one with rip stop nylon just in case. The OPs JKU has an approx wheelbase of 98 so it should work fine. Honestly a winter hammock setup doesnt seem to cost much more than a tent setup.

The ENO pro fly rainfly will keep everything dry during a down poor and fits perfectly over your hammock. Id love to have a Dutchware Half-Wit hammock but my ENO still works great so I cant bring myself to spend the money just to save a few ounces of pack weight.

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