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Remove dirt grease or old paint from the hinge with a toothbrush. September 5 2014 at 534 am.

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Wait an hour for the paint to dry.

Old Spray Paint Hinges. Ive wanted to change the old ones for ages now and theyve finally gotten the touch of gold. PCB etch is available at most painting and home-improvement stores. Im going to brave the cabinet hinges as the new sets I purchased do not fit.

The first step in painting your old cabinet hinges is to remove them from the cabinets. Make sure it is dry before attaching it to your finished piece. Spray painting saved the old hardware.

And spray painting the hardware takes things up a notch. Paint each piece of hardware in the same fashion as applying the primer using smooth slow strokes overlapping each slightly for. It is called Chrome Aluminum.

Then turn the hinges over if youre painting both sides and spray the other side. Lets be honest when Im working on a piece of furniture and Ive spent hours days weeks whatever cleaning sanding priming painting the piece I just wanna spray that hardware and put it back on. Published on Dec 10 2016 WHEN YOU HAVE OLD PLATED HINGES THAT THE BRASS PLATING IS COMING OFF FIRST SOAK THEM IN AMMONIA OVERNIGHT THEN RINSE AND LET DRY.

Just drop them in one at a time for 60 seconds then pull them out and wash off the residue. Heres what it looks like on the drawer. I already spray painted the collars around the ceiling light fixtures.

Another tip for any exterior facing screws stick them in the foam and spray the heads too. I will definitely be using your idea. Let the pieces sit in the cleaner for 1-2 hours.

If youre painting both sides spray the undersides first. If you want to paint hinges for only a few doors at a time and avoid the mess and air-quality issues of spray paint get brush-on metallic paint such as Modern Masters Nickel Water-Based Satin. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and soak each hinge in bowl of paint stripper.

The most important part of spray painting hardware is to follow the paint manufacturers directions not all spray paint is created equal. I did a little research and found out the RIGHT way to paint hardware. It is very bright and shiny but not glittery.

To get spray paint to adhere to your cabinet door hinges you must first clean them. Let the primer dry for 30 minutes to an hour. A drill with screw attachment makes this process go very quickly.

Be sure that there are no open flames anywhere near where you are spray painting. Then spray the top sides. An old toothbrush works well for detailed hardware.

I have been spray painting all of my old hardware and I do all of the above steps but the only set back I ever have is not being able to make the piece stand up off of the cardboard. Pour some metal cleaner into a small container and place the hinges and screws into the cleaner. To clean the hardware before painting pour white distilled vinegar in a container with the hardware.

Thanks for the tip. How Well Do Spray Painted Door Handles and Hinges Really Hold Up Over Time. This weeks post is all about how to spray paint cabinet hardware and hinges.

Spray the hinges again with metal enamel. Too expensive to buy new hinges. I did put a primer coat on mine also.

Step 3 Scrub the Hinges. I spray painted all the hinges at my old house to match the new iron style handles. THIS WILL STRIP OFF MOST IF NOT ALL THE.

However never use this for brass as it will form dangerous and toxic fumes. Step 1 Remove the hinges. Set the clean hinge on a towel to dry.

Plan to do it to match our ORB in our current house too brass hinges but want to replace the doors so wont do it until then. I got my spray paint at Sherwin Williams for around 6. I actually spray painted my hammered copper handles and hinges when I refinished my cabinets over 10 years ago and they still look great.

Muriatic and nitric acid are generally used to etch steel. If the hinges have old paint on them you will want to remove it. March 7 2014 March 7 2014 Two years ago I busted out a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and painted every single mismatched ugly bright gold door knob and hinge in our house.

They look pretty good. When metallic hinges become old and dingy many people choose to liven them up with a fresh coat of paint. Add enough to cover them completely.

Theres a little wear on the 2 cabinets that get opened the most. Shake the spray paint can as indicated by the paints directions. I really love the pineapple Ive never seen this design before.

Changing your cabinet hardware is a tried and true way to breathe new life into a space. Use the tongs to dip the hinge back into the hot water to soften stubborn areas. After several hours or soaking overnight in the vinegar use a brush to clean them well.

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